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What is Moneymoon?

Moneymoon is a unique honeymoon gift list service that enables you, the couple, to create interactive maps of the journeys you will be taking on your holiday of a lifetime. Guests can then contribute as much as they fancy to your honeymoon by moving you along your route, using moneymoon's fun and easy interface.

Why use Moneymoon?

We appreciate that in today's world, many of us will already have a house or flat full of crockery, kitchenware, bedding, and all the traditional wedding gift list items. So why not let your guests contribute towards making your honeymoon the most amazing experience of your life?

Moneymoon is the only gift list service which will allow your guests to interact with your honeymoon journey, instead of just giving a set amount towards an unseen item. Using our specially-developed maps to move you as far as they wish along your route provides a visible representation of how their contribution is helping with your honeymoon, making it a fun and informative way to contribute to your list.

The flexibility of Moneymoon is ideal for the independent traveller, enabling you, as it does, to plan a journey anywhere in the world, and by any means of transport.

Moneymoon is also remarkably good value for money. The are no set-up fees, and the low service fee payable on gifts compares very favourably with other equivalent lists.

How did Moneymoon come about?

The idea for Moneymoon was born of necessity when its founders realised that there was no room in their tiny starter flat for any traditional wedding gifts. What they really did want, though, was a honeymoon that they'd remember for the rest of their lives, so they set about putting together a website where their friends and family could contribute towards the honeymoon. Rather than just ask for cash without showing where it was going, they wanted a simple but fun visual aid for their guests, and so Moneymoon was born. Once the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon had died down, it occurred to them that the site had been such a success that they just had to make it available for other couple in a similar situation... and here it is!

How does Moneymoon work?

The first step is to register your details, which is totally free of charge, and without any obligation. You will then be able to start creating your honeymoon gift list, using our simple interface. Click here to try a demo of the maps, or here to try a demo of the activities.

Once your list is ready, simply notify you guests that your list is available, and then wait for the gifts to start coming in. Depending on your preferences, you will receive an email giving you the details of each gift as it is received, or you can chose to just check your list's progress online.

What is the Map Interface?

The Map Interface allows you to add journeys to your honeymoon gift list.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to create a journey.

Once you have created a journey, it will show up in the list within your account. You can edit any of the above details by clicking on the Edit button next to the journey.

What is the Activity Interface?

The Activity Interface allows you to add activities to your honeymoon gift list.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to create an activity.

Once you have created an activity, it will show up in the list within your account. You can edit any of the above details by clicking on the Edit button next to the activity.

Where can I find images to use for my activities?

We source our images from istockphoto, who offer an excellent collection of royalty-free images, at the lowest prices we've found. If you'd like to search their website for the perfect image, go ahead and pass on the image number to us. Alternatively, if you tell us the subject of the photo you require, we'll see what we can find.

If you end up using a new image from istockphoto, we will download the image from them when your list goes live, and debit your list 3.75 to cover the cost.

How much is the Service Fee?

A 7.5% fee is deducted from gifts received on your list. This fee covers all credit card transaction fees and operating costs and is equivalent to the costs saved by your guests on choosing, wrapping and sending a present.

How do we book the actual honeymoon?

As Moneymoon is designed for the independent traveller, it's totally down to you where you go, and who you go with. You can either get it all booked up in advance, and then recoup the costs with your list, or see how much you get first, and then book.

Here at Moneymoon we're all enthusiastic travellers ourselves, and with many years experience in the travel business, we are happy to provide any advice you require when planning your honeymoon. What's more, we are working on developing partnerships with various travel companies to enable you to chose form the very best in the market for that perfect holiday.

How do we keep track of our gifts and receive the funds collected?

As well as the option of receiving an email each time you receive a gift, your Moneymoon account features a full list management area, where you can see exactly who has given you what, along with any message they have passed on.

How do we receive the funds collected?

When you first create your list, we will be in touch to arrange a transfer date for your funds. If, however, you wish to access them earlier, you can request a transfer of funds received so far at any time, as long as there is at least £100 in your account to be transferred.

We will action the transfer within 5 working days, and this can be done by either electronic transfer, or by cheque, according to your preference.

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