Creating a Journey

1. Go to Edit my List within your account.

2. Click on the Add Journey button at the top of the list.

3. Line up a map which fits the journey you wish to add. You can zoom in and out or move the map using the controls on the left, or you can drag the map by holding down the mouse button.

4. Select whether you would like to draw a straight line between your next points, or a Great Circle Route curve (see step 6 for more explanation).

5. Create your journey as a series of joined up points. You can add points by either typing the name of a town or city into the text box above the map and clicking Add, or by clicking on the map.

6. Journeys by land are best created as a series of straight lines. To aid with this, you can switch to a map or hybrid view, which will show roads etc. Please note, though, that the final route your guests see will always be the satellite view.
Great Circle Routes are generally used to show the path taken by a plane or ship when travelling long distances, such as a flight from the UK to the USA, which will loop up over the Greenland and the Arctic.

7. Once you are happy with your route, click on Save.

8. On the Journey Details screen, select the icon you would like your guests to see on the journey.

9. Give the journey a title. This can be Up to 36 characters long.

10. Chose the Displayed Distance which will be the number of miles available to be contributed by your guests. The Actual Distance displayed above this is calculated from the route you entered, and can be used as a guide. We recommend picking a round number close to this for the Displayed Distance.

11. Enter a Cost per mile, or a Total Cost for the journey. Whichever you pick, the other one will be automatically filled in.

12. Click on the Save button to complete the creation of your journey.